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Have your own staff doing the recording is the most flexible and cost-effective way. You are in total control of who records what when where and how often.

Our Online Recording Management service provides a real-time overview of the recording progress. See all your cameras positions and tracks on a map and check the status. Your recording manager even can remote control the cameras from his office.

Tailored Camera System
  • Original 360 Camera
  • Rainproof Camera
  • Magnetic Camera Mount
  • Elevated Camera Mount
  • Backpack
  • Mobile UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Accessories
  • Spare parts


Power Supplies

To power the camera when recording by car.

All it needs is the cars cigarette lighter or 12 Volt power socket, e.g. for cooling boxes.

mUPS Features
  • Reliably powers the camera all day long
  • Powers the camera for up to about 10 minutes when disconnected from the car accidentally
  • Alarm: Loud beeping and flashing red light
  • Simply reconnect to continue recording without any interruption
  • Plug fits a cars cigarette lighter socket
  • Plug fits a cars 12 Volt socket (e.g. for cooling boxes)
  • Compatible with the Battery Monitor cable
  • Compatible with the cameras power cable.
  • No need for large and heavy batteries anymore