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Creator Updates

Creator 8.0.3 (January 2024)


  • "Publish to Amazon AWS cloud" updated for ACL change.
    Without it you can still update existing players, but not publish new players with the build-in AWS publisher.

Creator 8.0.2 (September 2023)


  • Set all the map providers for the player.
  • Three custom maps instead of just one.
  • Increased the zoom level from 18 to 22


  • Three custom base maps instead of just one.
  • Increased the zoom level from 18 to 22.


  • Updated Arabic manual.

Creator 8.0.1 (April 2023)

Faster player
For large and dense projects the player now is a lot faster than with Creator 7.
Updating just needs minutes. No need to upload all the street view tiles again.

View Player
A “View Player” button has been added to the “Export” page to view the created player right away.
No need for a local 3rd-party server anymore to review the real player before publishing it.

Amazon AWS cloud
Added newly available regions: Asia Pacific (Hyderabad), Asia Pacific (Jakarta), Europe (Spain), Europe (Zurich), Middle East (UAE).

Switch off generation of street view tiles
For 3rd-party workflows the creation of the street view tiles can now be deactivated globally in Preferences -> Advanced.
In case only the large 8192 x 4096 pixel street views with EXIF metadata are needed.