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Cloud Player

Main Features

  • One-click publishing with Creator 8
  • Scales automatically
  • Up to 70% cheaper that hosting in a data center
  • Maintenance-free

Main Features

  • User interface inspired by Mapillary.com
  • Supports Mapbox.com
  • Made for extremely large projects. Like a whole country.
  • No database anymore.
  • Works with any webserver and cloud.
  • Search incl. geolocation.
  • Asset visualisation and description by URL.
  • One-click publishing to your Amazon AWS cloud.
  • For Cloud, Windows 10, Windows Server, LAMP etc.
  • Easier to customise.
  • Easier to integrate into websites and other already existing solutions.
  • Creator 6 imports projects backed-up by previous Creator 5.
  • Creator 5 imports project backups from new Creator 6. All Creator 6 features are ignored.
  • Alternatively you can still generate the player known from Creator 5.
  • Demo

The Cloud Player is available with our Creator 78 program.

It can be published with Creator 6 with a single click and runs reliably in the cloud.

It automatically scales to cover for usage spikes. Don't miss your 15 minutes of Internet fame!

There is no need for the customer to have it's own infrastructure and IT department to set up a LAMP stack for the LAMP player and then to maintain it.

Morocco Ghost Town. Embedded Cloud Player